Maitri Massage Brisbane

Louise Ryan, owner of Maitri Massage is your local, qualified specialist. Massage is one of the oldest healing traditions. Many historical cultures were convinced of the therapeutic properties of massage and used it to treat a variety of ailments.

Driven by a passion for holistic health and an innovative approach to wellness, Bardon local, Louise Ryan started Maitri Massage Brisbane in 2008.  A trained child health and paediatric nurse, Louise holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage from the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

Louise specialises in pregnancy massage, postnatal massage, infant massage, paediatric massage, remedial massage and early childhood parenting support including lactation support.

Louise reveals some of the physical benefits her clients have seen since visiting, “massage services support healing by improving infant settling and sleep quality, improving immune system function, relieving lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain, calming new mothers and babies, improved understanding of infant cues, improving respiratory, circulatory and digestive system function”.