Pregnancy Massage

Qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Pregnancy is a time of physical and emotional changes. Pregnancy massage focuses on nurturing both mother and baby and is a great way to support women during this wonderful, demanding time of a family’s life. Specialised Pregnancy Massage helps you feel relaxed, and confident at this unique time of life, loving your body and the changes and preparing for the new life to come.

In addition to her child health and paediatric nursing, and remedial massage therapy Louise has completed the Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage Course with Pregnancy Massage Australia (PMA).  This training gives her the skills and confidence to specialise in pregnancy massage in Brisbane, offering tailored physical and emotional support to her clients.

Her extensive training has allowed further development to further her professional knowledge and skills, exploring in greater detail the three trimesters of pregnancy and the development of the baby. Louise has developed techniques and approaches to manage complex presentation of hip, pelvic girdle pain, learned relaxation techniques, muscle energy techniques and visualisations to support her clients so they can enjoy optimal health during their pregnancy with the assistance of pregnancy massage.

Having also completed the Advanced Postnatal Massage Workshop, Louise has the skills to provide holistic, safe massage to mothers after they have given birth.  The transition to motherhood sees enormous changes that take place in a mother’s body, massage is a fantastic way to help the body heal. Nurturing and emotional support for women at this unique time of their lives is essential for optimal mother and baby connection. Additionally, massage helps to reduce the time to recover from a mother’s delivery as new demands are placed on her body with breastfeeding and nurturing her newborn around the clock.

Louise’s extensive qualifications allow her to join the NurtureLife Family of Massage Therapist, a group of holistic perinatal massage therapy practitioners developed by PMA.


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

  • Mother-baby connection
  • Reduce oedema and swelling
  • Improved sleep pattern
  • Improve postural awareness
  • Eases back pain, shoulder, neck pain and joint, muscular conditions common in pregnancy
  • Enhance positive effects of pregnancy
  • Educate partner in support role
  • Preparation for breathing/relaxation for labour